Pop-Tops Construction

Up Instead of Out

Expanding your homes living space when you don’t have a large remaining yard is simply a matter of going up instead of out. With a pop-top addition you save the cost of excavation, foundation, and some other standard addition costs, and also keep all of your yard space to enjoy.


Because you get to determine how big the space is, its shape and amenities, as well as the budget, pop-top additions are a very flexible expansion, allowing you a great way to make your home more functional and enjoyable, as well as providing more living space without leaving your existing home.

Customized Solutions

At Apple Remodeling, we will work with you to develop a plan that will meet the changing needs of your family, incorporating your vision of how the new space looks, feels, and functions. We will assist you with information about height limitations (“bulk plane”), building codes, mechanical considerations, vaulted ceilings, dormers, roof tie-ins, and all of the “technical stuff” that influences the construction (if you want to know that much); but most of all we will listen to your needs and offer solutions that fit your dreams and your budget.

Meeting Your Needs- Fast

Apple’s Design-Build system of creating pop-top additions is purposely geared towards involving you in the design (and designing to your budget.. a key difference from architects), and keeping your upfront investment very minimal until you know exactly what your addition will look like and what it will cost. This keeps you in control and informed. In fact, most of our clients know to a high degree of certainty just how big of a pop top addition they need and the investment required within 72 hours of our initial consultation.. before investing anything at all. That is information that you can use!

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