Bath Remodeling


A Bath to Love

Bathrooms range from powder rooms to master suite baths, and having a bathroom that you love can make every morning just a little brighter. With today’s busy pace, we get a lot of requests for walk in showers, and sometimes we even get to put in a heated floor or towel warmers. But whether it’s a budget bath or a luxury suite, we have a lot of creative ideas to share, and over 30 years of experience helping folks just like you. Compared to many of our projects, your dream bathroom is a piece of cake to remodel, and we would enjoy the opportunity.

Start with Pretty Pictures

Every bathroom remodel should start with a design. At Apple Remodeling we charge a refundable design fee, usually just $350 for a bathroom, and after consulting with you about what you want, we will design at least two baths for you to compare. Then you can easily decide which design elements and layout you like the best (with one design, which is what everyone else offers, at a high price, there would be no comparison or options), and after receiving your feedback we’ll do a final design incorporating everything that you liked. Once you approve the final design, we will quote it, and if you approve the work to be done then we will credit the design right back to you. That’s three free designs!

Big Ticket, meet Big Discounts

At Apple, we understand that buying an entire set of cabinets, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, flooring, backsplash, countertops, etc… can add up fast. So we have set up accounts and dealerships with wholesalers and manufacturers to lower your costs. When we remodel your bathroom, you will receive unlimited access to these discounts in full- we will pass 100% of the savings on to you; saving you up to 70% on the cost of these items. This means that you can meet your budget and/or afford better products!

Pay as You Go

Let’s take the risk out of your remodeling. With only 10% down and weekly progress payments, you stay in charge of your money and your remodel. At Apple we are happy to provide you with an Excel spreadsheet showing all of your orders and payments with every written invoice, and we will only bill you for work that has been completed. This way you can remodel with peace of mind as well as track your expenses at a glance.

One Year Later…

We tell every client, “We’ll be back!”
That’s because we have a quality-control system called the “Apple Anniversary Inspection Program.” One year after remodeling your home, we want to come back and inspect the work that we’ve done for you. This way, if there is a squeaking hinge or hard to open window, we can fix that for you, free. Maybe by then you’ll be ready for the next great remodel! This long-term relationship approach is at the heart of what we do. It is also earns us the trust and loyalty of the most important people on earth- our clients.

So, Let’s Get Rolling on Your Remodel!

Give us a call right now, at 720-837-1705, and let’s get going on creating beautiful changes to your most important place on earth. We want to meet you this week and help you create a beautiful new bathroom so that you will “Love where you live.”

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