Triple The Warranty

One simple way to know up front that your project will be done right-

The work that you are about to pay for needs to be of the best quality so that it will serve your needs and remain beautiful for as long as you own your home. You also need to have the peace of mind that your contractor will stand behind his work for as long as you need him to.

The only way to be sure of getting everything that you’re paying for is by getting a rock solid warranty to go along with it. If the work is good enough, the warranty shouldn’t be a problem.

Think about this- if the remodeling is going to cost you thousands of dollars to have done today, what will it cost in the future if it fails? You don’t want to pay out of pocket for a do-over, and neither does your contractor. So if he has to be the one to back it up, he will most likely do it right the first time.

Anyone can say they’re the best-

Every single company that you have bid a job will claim to be the best…ad nauseum. But obviously everyone can’t be the best. So how do you separate the wheat from the chafe? Here’s a hint- Apple Remodeling is the only company that we know of that offers a Three Year Limited Warranty on all of our work. The average contractor will give you a short one year or “tail light” warranty. If the competition won’t warranty what they’re doing, do you want them doing it? We are willing to give a great warranty because our track record is terrific.

Dedication and high standards do beat all-

You are at a crossroads, and despite all of your attention being on the project and its cost, hiring the right contractor should really be job #1 for you. Everything afterwards flows from that one decision.

If you’re used to doing things right, then you know that quality is never an accident. Quality takes hard work. Quality takes dedication. Quality usually means doing it the hard way. Quality takes a responsible party saying, “The buck stops here, I have a can-do, no-excuses attitude and I will back it up in writing.” Not everyone is willing to go that extra mile, no matter how much you pay them. They’re just not made that way. A few others are exactly what you’re hoping for- the best. Which is why if our extensive warranty means something to you, then we’re probably a good fit, because our standards are the same.

And the guarantee is… (drum roll)-

Apple Remodeling warranties all materials and workmanship that we provide for three long years, which is triple the industry standard. The only exception is for any product that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, which Apple will not warranty.
No small print.

The Winning Remodeling Formula?

1. Hire us.
2. Choose quality fixtures.
3. Relax. You just guaranteed your projects success.

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